March/April 2018

The March-April 2018 edition of Metal Casting Design & Purchasing looks at how to find and keep a great supplier, and also includes a Cast in North America preview.
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Editorial: Finding a Supplier
Shannon Wetzel, Managing Editor
Design Details: Design Features Improve Performance
Jiten Shah
By The Law: Encouraging Employee Innovation
David Resser
Appraising Your Casting Supplier: Supplier auditing is a valuable method to ensure your casting supply chain is healthy and effectively meeting your customer requirements.
An MCDP Staff Report
Comparing Mechanical Properties of A356 to 206: 206 is a seldom-used aluminum alloy that offers significant jumps in mechanical properties, indicating it might be worth the effort for metalcasters to adjust foundry practices and process control to routinely cast them.
Franco Chiesa, David Levasseur, Gheorghe Marin, Bernard Duchesne
Application of Castings on Wheel-End and Suspension: A study shows considerable opportunity remains for lightweighting on already proven applications.
A. Halonen
Casting a Spell: Disney’s theme parks are magic but they don’t run on fairy dust. They run thanks to castings.
An MCDP Staff Report
Texas to Host Metalcasting Congress: People from all sectors of the metalcasting supply chain will be traveling to Fort Worth, Texas, next month for information on the latest trends of the industry.
An MCDP Staff Report
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