July-August 2017

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Editorial: Designing From Example
S. Wetzel
Design Details: Cores Without Tooling Shorten Part Development Time
J. Shah
By The Law: Know the Updates to Patent Law
D. Resser
Reshoring and Buying Castings: Why It Matters: With reshoring on the upswing, buyers and designers of castings can take advantage of its benefits to help their companies.
An MCDP Staff Report
Cast in Place: Integrating Non-Cast Components Into Castings: 3-D printing helped a turbine manufacturer improve the dimensional accuracy of a part while adding flexibility to the tooling for streamlined production.
G. Korff and T. Stewart
3-D Technologies Ease Replacement Part Challenges: A group effort of federal organizations and private businesses helped demonstrate how additive manufacturing technologies can be used to improve production with a cast aluminum elbow for an aerial spray system.
R. Lonardo and S. Wetzel
3DSP Feature Generation in the YZ and XY Plane: Three-dimensional sand printing is not exempt from the same limitations as other additive manufacturing methods. The build orientation, properly exported geometry, and part placement is critical to the success of any additive project.
K. Woods
Validating Process Simulation for Experimentation for Reinforced Sand Molds: Simulation results confirmed the locations of stress concentration and demonstrated accuracy with the actual temperature profiles and cracking locations.
Y. Lu, H. Wang, A. Luo and K. Ripplinger
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