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Bring on the Uninitiated

According to our most recent online poll, if you are on MetalcastingDesign.com, you’re already a firm believer in the ability of metalcasting to deliver you the parts you need for your original equipment design.

More than three out of four of you would select a metal casting over a forging, machining, powdered metal part or fabrication, given the choice. Go see for yourself.

The problem is, designers are out there that have no idea what metal castings can do for them. And they’re the ones that would most benefit from MetalcastingDesign.com.

And get this, you too would benefit if others were to come to metalcasters to source their engineered metal components. As more castings are specified worldwide, more metalcasters work with designers, designs are improved, and metalcasters improve their abilities to meet the needs of designers. That means better castings for you, too. It’s like one big, continuous circle of metalcasting love.

So pass on your knowledge of metal castings to other designers, and let the casting karma flow.